South Chatham Village

Operated by the Christian Senior Citizens Home of Chatham

Activities at South Chatham Village

Here are some of the weekly
and Monthly activities at
South Chatham Village:

  • Daily table shuffleboard at 7:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday morning coffee and fellowship for all tenants;
    9:30 in the common room.
  • Tuesday evening "Second Shift"
    Table Shuffle Board and Cards at 7:30 
  • Wednesday evening Games in the
    Common Room 
    at 7:30 Coffee/Tea and
    Goodies availabl
  • Saturday evening Ladies Coffee Hour at 

    7:30.  A social time for all ladies.

  • Twice per month on Monday afternoon,
    Dr. MarkTomen is at South Chatham
    Village to visit with his patience
  • Some Friday or Saturday evenings a music video
    is shown. Check the SCV Calendar for
    times and dates. 
  • Many dinners for tenants are offered.

    Check the SCV Calendar for times
    and dates. 

  • During the summer on Holidays, a BBQ               
    a dinner is usualy offered for tenants

    with fun and games afterwards.

  • We have an excercise Room
  • Total Family Haircare by Jen is open every Wednesday
    for all tenants, both male and female to have
    their hair done.
  • Bicycle Store Shed
  • Some covered car parking is available
  • New parking garage is available for a monthly rental fee    
Our new parking garage

       Recent Activities at
                   South Chatham Village